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Dual Recovery Anonymous:
Tradition 3

"Tradition 3: We welcome men and women of all personal beliefs, our program is one of personal freedom and choice."

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Tradition Three

3:- “We welcome men and women of all personal beliefs, our program is one of personal freedom and choice.”

A core principle behind the Third Tradition is that DRA members are free to interpret and personalize the Twelve Steps in a way that will meet their own needs for dual recovery. Members are free to develop their own beliefs and lifestyles to support their dual recovery.


Members share their thoughts on the Third Tradition


I think this Tradition just adds to the feeling of being equal partners in dual recovery. I mean; it doesn’t matter to anyone what religion you are or are not, you use the program and the Steps in a way that makes sense to you. You don’t have to prove anything to anybody or meet any special requirements to belong here. All you need is to want to quit drinking and drugging and improve the quality of your life.

I talked with a guy at World Network once who said there were no “Explicit Musts” in our program. The idea that personal freedom and choice are the rules not the exception in DRA gives me the feeling that I am trusted enough and smart enough to make the choices I need to make for my own well-being. Sure, I’ve come to depend on the help and guidance of my higher and helping powers and the people in my home Group that know me, but ultimately, no one is telling me what to do and I like that.

I think the deal is, is that our personal beliefs about religion and spirituality don’t even come into public play in DRA. They are our own business, our own personal quest.  Dual recovery isn’t about religion. Though we can draw on our personal beliefs to help us if we choose. We each must do what works best for us.

The door couldn’t be any wider. Our welcome mat is out there for anyone with co-occurring disorders who is looking for support for their personal dual recovery.

This Tradition really meant a lot to me when I first heard of DRA. I guess there isn’t a whole lot that is traditional about me or the things I believe in or do. I don’t really care what anyone thinks, but I don’t want to have to waste energy having to defend myself either.

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