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Guide to Dual Diagnosis Anonymous

With the right support, we can and do recover. The Dual Diagnosis Hub can help everyone to find the best dual diagnosis support and resources available.

The Guide to Dual Diagnosis Anonymous

DDA‘s Mission Statement

DDA’s Mission Statement is their fifth tradition, which states “Each DDA group has one primary purpose – to carry its message of hope and recovery to those who still suffer from the effects of Dual Diagnosis.”

Ultimately, DDA’s preamble is an invitation to become part of the DDA family.

Dual Diagnosis Anonymous is a fellowship of persons who share their experiences, strengths, weaknesses, feelings, fears, and hopes with one another to resolve their dual diagnosis. As recovery progresses, we learn to live at peace with unresolved problems & symptoms. The only requirement for membership in DDA is a desire to develop healthy addiction-free lifestyles.

Since 1996, we have been serving persons with severe and persistent mental health &/or substance use challenges and their families in Oregon, numerous states, and worldwide. We provide support and fellowship to help these persons overcome and start on the road to recovery from their dual diagnosis.

How best to use Dual Diagnosis Anonymous

Either use it as an optional ‘bolt-on’ part to your recovery like most of us do or you can use it as your sole source of recovery if you feel more comfortable in a 12 Step Fellowship created purely to help those with a dual diagnosis.

We would recommend that you use DDA to talk about your addiction of choice and mental health in one place, but keep an open mind about addiction-specific 12 Step Fellowships as you can’t beat their strength and stability.

We should warn you that although a lot of DDA’s meetings are currently held online, we believe that some of them may go back to running in a physical meetings (especially in the USA). However, I’ve been assured by Dual Diagnosis Anonymous UK that most of their meetings will be staying online although they are gradually adding in-person meetings to their meetings directory.

Do you have a Personal Story of Dual Diagnosis Recovery?

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