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With the right support, we can and do recover. The Dual Diagnosis Hub can help everyone to find the best dual diagnosis support and resources available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Dual Diagnosis?

Dual Diagnosis is a term that describes when someone has at least two separate conditions that both affect someone’s health and that can affect each other.

On this site though, we use this term to refer to people who have at least one mental illness and who also have a concurrent addiction issue.

What is the Dual Diagnosis Hub?

The Dual Diagnosis Hub is a website and organisation that aims to develop and signpost all of the best addiction, mental health, & dual diagnosis-specific information, tools, support groups, and resources.

Why pays for the Dual Diagnosis Hub?

Currently, the Dual Diagnosis Hub is being paid for and developed by Next Level Web Design CIC.

As well as providing great value website design and development services to tradesmen, SMEs, CICs, and Charities,  Next Level Web Design CIC also aims to help other mental health, addiction or dual diagnosis related organisations with heavily discounted website design and development services.

How can I help the Dual Diagnosis Hub?

The Dual Diagnosis Hub is always looking for people to help out in a variety of ways including volunteering, contributing to our tools & content, partnering with us, collaborating on dual diagnosis projects, or by becoming a Dual Diagnosis Hub Ambassador.

Is the Dual Diagnosis Hub free?

The Dual Diagnosis Hub aims to always be free for people to use and we aim to keep it that way.

We do have premium channels that people who want access to them can contribute to the funding of, but most of the Dual Diagnosis Community Channels are free and will stay that way.

If you have a dual diagnosis and want to be able to access the premium Discord channels but cannot afford the monthly Patreon subscription then please join the free Dual Diagnosis Chat Community and then ask one of the moderators and they’ll be more than happy to provide you with access to them.

This is done in good faith. We want to help as many people who have a dual diagnosis as possible but if you can afford the basic monthly Patreon  subscription, then please do as this helps us to be able to afford to help everyone with co-occurring mental health & addiction issues.

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We set up a networking & resource sharing group for professionals on LinkedIn called the Dual Diagnosis Network.
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