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We’re a space for people with co-occurring mental health and addiction issues to find online information, tools, support groups, and resources. We’re trying to make the world a better place for those struggling with co-occurring mental health & addiction issues.

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Dual Diagnosis Community

Peer Support Chat Community

Dual Diagnosis Chat Community

Become part of a rapidly growing community for people with co-occurring mental health & addiction issues.

The community’s purpose is to help people to develop effective recovery support networks to aid recovery from both mental health & addiction issues.

Most channels are free, but there are also some premium channels that either you or your organisation can pay for access  to.

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A bit about co-occurring addiction & mental health disorders and what support is available to people with multiple diagnoses and complex needs…

What is Dual Diagnosis?

In this context, we use the term to refer to someone who has some form of addiction(s) and at least one concurrent mental health problem. To find out more about what this term means and how common it is, then please click on the button below to find out more about this.

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Things that can Help in Recovery

If you have a dual diagnosis, i.e. mental health problems and an addiction issue, then recovery can seem a much more complicated and challenging endeavour. This section will introduce some of the things that we’ve found helpful in our complex mental health recovery needs and some useful tools and techniques.

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“To empower people with complex mental health and addiction recovery needs, and those who support them, by developing and highlighting online tools and resources that are accessible to all, giving everyone a chance at recovery.“

The Dual Diagnosis Hub's Mission Statement

Who we are & What we aim to do

We aim to partner with organisations to ensure that everyone with co-occurring addiction and mental health issues has the resources, tools, & support they need.

We aim to empower people with complex needs and those who support them by developing online resources that are accessible to all people with co-occurring mental health and addiction issues.

Dual Diagnosis
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