Dual Diagnosis Survey for Professionals

With the right support, we can and do recover. The Dual Diagnosis Hub can help everyone to find the best dual diagnosis support and resources available.

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Survey for Professionals who work with clients with co-occurring mental health & addiction issues

My name’s Jon Caldbeck and I want to create a co-occurring mental health & addiction recovery resources organisation & website, called the Dual Diagnosis Hub, that helps empower those with a dual diagnosis, their carers/family members & friends, and the professionals who work with us.

I have a dual diagnosis myself and have seen how many people like myself have struggled with finding the right support. Filling in this form will help us to evaluate the most important ways in which the Dual Diagnosis Hub (DDH or DD Hub) can help the work of Dual Diagnosis Professionals, the outcomes of service users with a dual diagnosis, or in supporting their client’s family members & carers.

We aim to signpost all of the best tools and resources as well as provide information about each diagnosis and how it can affect addiction recovery.

Please click on button below to be taken to the survey:

Do you any of your clients have a Personal Story of Dual Diagnosis Recovery?

If any of your dually diagnosed clients have 1-year in addiction recovery, then we’d very much like to display their personal story of recovery to help give others with a similar diagnoses with hope…

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