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The Dual Diagnosis Hub we aim to help as many people as possible to find the right support and to help them recover.
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The Dual Diagnosis LinkedIn Group for Addiction, Mental Health & Dual Diagnosis Professionals

Resources for Dual Diagnosis Professionals

Welcome to the The Dual Diagnosis Hub’s Dual Diagnosis Professionals Resources section. We plan on adding the best and most useful information, tools, & resources aimed at professionals of any kind who work with people with co-occurring mental health & addiction issues.

This section is aimed at:

  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Addiction Professionals
  • Dual Diagnosis Keyworkers
  • And any other person or professional who is looking for information, tools, & resources around the subject of complex mental health & addiction recovery needs.

We aim to include anything and everything that as a professional who is trying to help people like us, by providing and signposting all of the best agencies, organisations, and content related to this subject.

If you know of something that isn’t included in this section, and you’d like to support this website’s development then please drop us a line on hello@www.dualdiagnosis.org.uk to suggest for it to be included.

Also, get in touch if you have any ideas of suggestions for online tools that your dually diagnosed clients may find useful?

We’ve also set up a Dual Diagnosis Hub Networking Group on LinkedIn aimed at any mental health, addiction, or dual diagnosis professionals who would like to connect, and share tools, information, resources, & experience with like-minded professionals then please join us here:


What do you need as a professional?

Complete our Survey for Professionals and tells us how we can improve this site, and what tools, content, & functionality that you or your dually diagnosed clients might find useful!

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Dual Diagnosis Tools

Dual Diagnosis Guides by the Dual Diagnosis Hub

We're going to create guides for dually diagnosed individuals with specific diagnoses in marginalised communities.

Coming Soon

Dual Diagnosis Take on the Recovery Slogans

A selection of PDFs (US Letter-sized only currently) of a dual diagnosis take on all of the main recovery slogans.

View Downloads

Relapse Prevention Tools for People with a Dual Diagnosis

A selection of PDFs (A4 only currently) on some of the dual diagnosis relapse prevention tools.

View Downloads

Dual Diagnosis Toolkit by Turning Point

Discover the Dual Diagnosis Toolbox by Turning Point: A practical guide for professionals and practitioners...

View Toolkit

NICE Guidelines for Dual Diagnosis

The NICE Guidelines for people with co-occurring mental health & addiction issues.

View NICE Guidelines

Dual Diagnosis Good Practice Handbook

Turning Point's Dual Diagnosis Handbook: A practical guide for professionals.

View Handbook

Motivational Interviewing

Learn how Motivational Interviewing (MI) assists professionals working with dually diagnosed individuals.

View Article

Resources Directory

Find addiction, diagnosis-specific, and mental health resources to aid your dual diagnosis recovery in our directory.

View Resources

Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care

An introduction to what trauma-informed care involves and the key elements to it for professionals.

View Article & Resources

Academic Articles

Academic articles on mental health, addiction, and co-occurring issues. Browse or submit through My Account.

View Article & Resources

Recovery Stories

Find & read recovery stories by other people with both mental health & addiction issues who are actively in recovery and who have developed a new life for themselves.

View Recovery Stories

Useful Books Directory

A directory of dual diagnosis, addiction, and mental health books aimed at assisting with people's recovery from either their mental health or their addiction.

View Books Directory

Inspirational Quotes Directory

Find inspirational quotes to help inspire your clients on their recovery journey.

View Inspirational Quotes

YouTube Videos Directory

Find a directory of mental health and addiction videos aimed at helping people in their recovery. Covers a wide range of subjects related to dual diagnosis.

View Videos Directory

National & International Events Directory

A directory of global events on mental health, addiction, dual diagnosis, and various subjects to aid in learning about recovery.

View Events Directory

Suggest Content or Resource

Submit your favourite dual diagnosis, mental health or addiction content or resources to our directories and share them with our site's visitors.

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Dual Diagnosis Downloads

Our dual diagnosis downloads section has many helpful A4 and US Letter-sized PDFs on different topics and includes explanations of popular recovery slogans.

View Downloads

Support Groups Specifically for Dually Diagnosed People

Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (USA)

Find out more about Dual Diagnosis Anonymous Inc (USA) and about how you can use the DDA 12 Steps Plus Five to aid your dual diagnosis recovery...

View Website

Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (UK)

Find out more about Dual Diagnosis Anonymous and about how you can use the DDA 12 Steps Plus Five to aid your dual diagnosis recovery. There are 5 DDA meetings every week.

View Website

Dual Recovery Anonymous (US Meetings Only)

Find out more about Dual Recovery Anonymous and about how you can use the DRA 12 Steps to aid your dual diagnosis recovery & extend your dual diagnosis family further.

Find Out More

Would you be interested in volunteering for the Dual Diagnosis Hub?

Visit Our Opportunities Directory:

Voluntary & Paid Opportunities Directory
(Click to View Opportunities)

We have a directory that shows all of the specific voluntary opportunities for people who want to get involved with the Dual Diagnosis Hub CIC's work.

Useful Tools & Psychology Resources

Useful Tools Directory

These useful tools are primarily aimed at professionals who work in addiction, mental health or specifically dual diagnosis, but we've included them in this section anyway.

View Website

Free Psychology Tools

This section contains some free psychology tools to help you to develop your recovery and includes CBT tools, DBT worksheets, and other  psychology tools.

View Psychology Tools

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Situation-Specific Resources

When Leaving Hospital

A selection of resources aimed at those who are leaving a psychiatric hospital.

View Resources

When Leaving Treatment

A selection of resources aimed at those who are leaving a rehab or addiction treatment centre.

View Resources

When Leaving Prison

A selection of resources aimed at dually diagnosed people who are leaving a prison.

View Resources

12 Step Resources for Professionals

AA - Info for Professionals

Find out more about Alcoholics Anonymous and about how you can use the AA 12 Steps to aid your recovery if you suffer from alcoholism.

View Resources

DDA Resources

Find out more about Dual Diagnosis Anonymous and about how your clients can use the DDA 12 Steps Plus Five to aid their dual diagnosis recovery.

View Website

DRA - Questions & Answers

Find out more about Dual Recovery Anonymous and about how your clients can use the DRA 12 Step programme to aid their dual diagnosis recovery.

Find Out More

CA - Public Information Downloads

Find out more about C.A. & view their general information aimed at the public, professionals, and the media.

Find Out More

NA - Information for Professionals

Find out more about N.A. and about how you can use the 12 Steps to aid recovery from some form of narcotic addiction...

Find Out More

Mental Health Resources

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

Find out more about what WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) and how you can get training to help you to develop your own WRAP toolbox to help manage all of your mental health symptoms.

Find Out More

Hearing Voices Network (HVN)

Join the Hearing Voices Network online community for safe and inclusive support. Our judgment-free zone empowers individuals with similar experiences to share coping strategies and connect with others.

Find Out More

Recovery Colleges: What they are and a Directory of all UK Recovery Colleges

Learn about Recovery Colleges for mental health training and support for yourself or loved ones. They offer excellent courses and can be very useful.

View Colleges Directory

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Dual Diagnosis Professionals Resources

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