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Self-Care Bullet Journal with Goals
Mood Diary & Happiness Tracker

Keep a diary and capture your day without writing down a single word!

Other Features

  • Use a big database of beautiful icons for custom activities
  • Mix and match your own moods using funny emojis
  • Explore interesting monthly or yearly statistics created from your logs
  • Deep dive into advanced statistics for every mood, activity or group
  • Customize colour themes
  • Enjoy nights with dark mode
  • See your whole year in ‘Year in Pixels’
  • Create daily, weekly or monthly goals and motivate yourself
  • Build habits and collect achievements
  • Share statistics with your friends
  • Safely backup and restore your entries to your cloud storage
  • Set reminders and never forget to create a memory
  • Turn on the PIN lock and keep your entries safe
  • Export PDF or CSV document to share, print or analyze your entries

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